3mm Wagon Kits

RTR wagons  These are confined to a few items in the old Triang TT range, now long since unavailable: Brake van (AA), Bogie Bolster (J), Fruit van (V7), Horse Box (a close match to the last N series diagrams).

Kits  Some of the following will no longer be available, but are included here for the record.

Manufacturer Type Diagram Dates Material
3mm Society Mogo G31 1933 plastic
K's * Shunters truck M 1905 whitemetal
3mm Society Loco coal N13/19/20 1905-16 plastic
3mm Society Loco coal N27/31 1925-29 plastic
3mm Society Open O4 1901 plastic
3mm Society Open O15 1909 plastic
3mm Society Mink V12/14/16/18 1909-25 plastic
3mm Society Mink V24/34 1933-45 plastic
3mm Society Fruit Y8 1937 plastic
3mm Society Fruit D Y11 1939 plastic
K's * Brake Van AA3 1889 whitemetal
3mm Society Brake van AA16 1885 whitemetal
3mm Society Brake van AA18/19/20/21/23 1926-49 plastic
3mm Society Brake van AA whitemetal

* No longer available