Index to the Great Western Railway Journal

Here's a useful index to the Great Western Railway Journal, compiled by John Dolan. The GWRJ is a quarterly magazine published by Wild Swan Publications, and is highly recommended as a modeller's resource and general source of reference on the GWR. The last update has been indexed to July 2008 (Issue 67).

Download as Microsoft Excel file [231 KB]
In this version, the index can be sorted by date, type of article etc, by using the "Sort" function in Microsoft Excel. If you have Excel on your computer, download this version.
Download as CSV file [86 KB]
This version of the index is readable by most spreadsheet programs and word processors, but some of the original formatting may go lost. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, download this version.


For a more up-to-date online searchable index, please visit Mat Ots' searchable Great Western Railway Journal Index.