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Loco line-up


The first three pictures show a selection of some rather nice 4mm locos built by a trio of well-known M&SWJR enthusiasts. Many thanks to Neil Lover for allowing use of the photos. You can see more superb M&SWJR models at "Swindon's Other Railway".


M&SWJR 4-4-0 No. 1, built to P4 standards by Steve Lee


2-4-0T No. 8, built by John Sonderman


Philip Young's 0-6-0 No. 24, built for his "Marlborough" layout


The following trio of M&SWJR locos were sold at an auction some years back. The builder and origin of the models is unfortunately unknown, but the models simply have too much atmosphere to ignore. Images courtesy of Vectis Auctions.


One of the well-known 2-4-0s numbered 10-12 (GWR 1134-1336), built in whitemetal to OO scale. The loco has an opening boiler door, fully detailed cab interior and moveable brake blocks.


Another OO model in whitemetal, this one of the wonderful little 0-6-0T No. 3


It doesn't all have to be to exacting standards. Here is a creative approximation of what is probably M&SWJR No. 13 in later GWR condition, using a modified and detailed Triang chassis.


Here's another batch of intriguing M&SWJR locos, this time in their later GWR guise and built from the 4mm etched kits by Roxey Mouldings (currently being developed for 7mm scale kits also). Many thanks to Dave Hammersley for allowing use of the excellent photos. You can see more of his interesting range at the Roxey Mouldings website.


M&SWJR 4-4-0 No. 7, running as GWR No. 1125. Built from one of Roxey's 4mm etched brass kits.


M&SWJR 4-4-4T No. 18 (GWR No. 27) was heavily rebuilt after GWR take-over, including a taper-boiler, Belpaire firebox and revised cab and fittings.


A 2-6-0 purchased from Beyer Peacock by the M&SWJR. One of them (No. 16) famously became known as "Galloping Alice" and passed on to the GWR becoming No. 24.