GWR road vehicles

by Mikkel Kjartan

Some available kits and models

A number of kits for GWR road vehicles are available, although they often represent later types while early designs are harder to come by. This page illustrates a few examples of the more well-known kits.

Kits are available in both plastic and whitemetal, with a few also in etched brass. Note that the kits illustrated here are just a small sample. Other ranges include the Cooper-Craft 4mm AEC kits, while 2mm modellers may find something of use in e.g. the Fleetline range. Note that vehicle types used by the GWR are not always advertised as such in the kit ranges, but are often listed simply by the vehicle type and make.


A 1/72 scale (HO) model of the 1½ Ton Thorneycroft van used from 1920 to WW2. This is from the discontinued Keilkraft/Davric kit, still often available second-hand.

A one-horse parcels van. This one was built from a Langley 4mm whitemetal kit.

4mm Dodge dropside lorry of 1935 vintage, built from a Langley whitemetal kit.

Maudsley ML3 bus to 4mm scale, built from the Peco/Merit plastic kit. This type was used until 1931.

The Peco/Merit plastic kit for a Thorneycroft lorry, introduced in 1926.

P&D Marsh 4mm whitemetal kit for a horse-drawn station bus, used from the 1890s.

Models from the diecast ranges are also an option. Here is a Corgi Classics AEC 508 5 ton lorry in 1:43 scale, suitable for 7mm modelling.

A Thornycroft "Nippy" from the Corgi range of 1:76 (4mm) diecast vehicles (available from March 2008). There is also a Horsebox van.