GWR road vehicles

Miscellaneous Models


These 2mm Finescale models were scratch-built by Jerry Clifford, and are fine examples of craftmanship in this scale.

You can see more of Jerry's excellent 2mm finescale models and layouts on his website.


A 4mm Foden steam wagon in GWR guise. The models seen here formed part of the former Mevagissey collection of railway models which has now been dismantled.

Another 4mm Foden steam wagon, although here with a flatbed.

A 4mm Thornycroft PB 4 ton lorry, introduced in 1926.


A 4mm model of the Maudsley ML3 bus of 1927 vintage, bound for Helston station in Cornwall.

An early Steam Tractor in GWR livery, also from the former Mevagissey collection

A 7mm AEC lorry built from an unknown kit, showing the GWR roundel introduced on cabsides in 1934.


Here is a rather nice 7mm Scammell Mechanical Horse, made by an anonymous builder from the now obsolete Superscale Kit. The Scammell company began as wheelwrights and coach builders in late Victorian London, introducing their first actual lorry in 1921.

The Mechanical Horse was developed in the late 1930s as a response to the need for a modern vehicle that could negotiate tight urban and industrial spaces. It soon found favor with the railway and dock companies, often directly replacing the good old not-so-mechanical common horse. As with most things British, the Mechanical Horse naturally has it's very own enthusiasts's club. You can visit their website here.

Photos courtesy Milestone Miniatures.