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TVR Liveries


TVR Liveries 1880-1923

  • Black, lined with red/yellow/white band
  • TVR Garter crest on sides
  • Domes polished until WW I, then black
  • Note: 'A' class never lined

Passenger Stock (I)
  • Chocolate below waist, varnished white above
  • Upper panels edged yellow/vermillion
  • Roofs white
  • Numbers/wording in waist panel
  • Two Garter Crests below waist

Passenger Stock (II)
  • From c WWI, some lowly passenger stock all-over brown
  • No crests or lining
  • Large yellow numbers on doors

Goods Stock
  • Body light grey until c WWI
  • Post WWI bodies brown
  • 6" 'T.V.R.' lettering at lower left until 1909
  • Post 1909 'TV' 16" lettering at center


TVR Garter Crest
(courtesy Geoff's Rail Pages)
Taff Vale Railway garter crest