The Taff Vale Pages

Some 4mm TVR wagons


Rob Evans' model of a Taff Vale brake van as running in GW livery, based on a Falcon Brass etched kit. The construction of the model, with some historical discussion, is detailed on RMweb. Another peek of this van can be found at the bottom of this page.


Below is a selection of Taff Vale Railway wagons scratchbuilt in EM by Brian Bale. The wagons were intended for a TVR layout that never materialized, and have since been sold on.

Scratchbuilt Taff Vale guards van. The model was made from Plastikard and scaled down to 4mm from the original manufacturer's blueprint.


TVR Carriage Truck, scratchbuilt in Plastikard with fully compensated 3-point suspension. Built from the original works drawings.


TVR covered van with very unusual diagonal planking. Scratchbuilt in Plastikard with compensated 3-point suspension.