Kevin Atkinson's 7mm locos

Longford Grange 6878. This is an Acorn-metal craft kit, super-detailed with a MM/PW backhead kit and lots of other parts from various manufacturers – including JLRT, MM1, Warsall, Slaters, Springside etc. 7mm GWR Grange from an Acorn kit
Cab View of Longford Grange 7mm GWR Grange from an Acorn kit
An 8-wheel tender 7mm GWR 8-wheel tender
Large Metro Class 3564. This is another Acorn kit. I super detailed it with various other manufacturer's parts and scratch-built the vacuum-cylinders, brake assembly, trip gear, motion, linkages, autocoach-assembly and many other items. 7mm GWR large Metro tank 3564
3564 from the alternative side 7mm GWR large Metro tank 3564
6011 "King James I".This is a Malcholm Mitchell/Pete Waterman kit, and has been super detailed. 7mm GWR King class 6011
Driver and fireman at work in the cab
View of the King's tender
72xx Class 7240. It is a Wagon & Carriage Works Kit (formerly Scorpio Models) with additional detailing using components from Springside, Slaters, ABS, Warren Shephard, Walsall Industries etc. The loco has a Portescap motor and gear box. 7mm GWR 2-8-2T 7240
Men at work in the cab
View of the extended bunker
Pannier tank 2148 built from an Eric Underhill kit. This is a superb kit, it blew me away when i first started in Gauge O. It was a complete kit, and the quality of the castings and instructions are superb. 7mm GWR pannier 2148 from an Eric Underhill kit
The driver and fireman are from ABS. Lamps and fireiron and tools are from Springside models.
Broadside view of 2148 7mm GWR pannier 2148 from an Eric Underhill kit
Collett Goods 2285 with ROD tender. The tender and loco are from a Mega Models kit, detailed with a number of manufacturers parts. The model has inside dummy motion gear and pipes. 7mm GWR Collett Goods 2285 with ROD tender
Driver and fireman, once again from ABS.
View of the ROD tender
Here is Castle Class 4082 Windsor Castle, built from a Scorpio kit. The loco has a Portescap motor and gear box and is super-detailed. The brake gear is all there and the vacuum cylinder and all the piping, and the cab is detailed as per the real thing. The back head is from Tony Reynolds, as are a number of other parts. Thank you Malcolm for helping me with advice and supplying me with a lot of the parts! 7mm GWR Castle 4082 from a Scorpio kit
The loco carries a plaque on both sides of the cab to commerate the visit of their Majesties King George and Queen Mary to Swindon. Number, name and commerative plates are by Guilplates.
View of the tender
The Great Bear in 7mm scale. Based on an Oakville kit by Jim Harris, with extensive super detailing. The loco includes parts from JLTRT, MM1, Slaters Plasticard, Springside Models, Malcolm Mitchell, Warren Shephard etc. And I made up a huge amount of the detailing from works drawings and various publications. 7mm GWR Great Bear from an Oakville kit
A rear quarter view. The name and number plates are by Peter Thatcher. The transfers from HMRS and the paints are Precision, Humbrol and Revell.
Broadside view of the eight-wheeled tender.
Yes indeed, a Great Western 4-6-2. Motor and Gearbox are from ABC Gears.