This section describes and illustrates a selection of relatively simple GWR modelling projects. Most are fairly easy and fun to do. A few are a bit more advanced, but still possible for the average modeller. Note however that these are subjective accounts, may contain certain compromises, and are not necessarily the only way to go about a given project!

4mm RTR conversions and detailing

4mm RTR loco projects

Removing a topfeed from Bachmann panniers by Paul Marshall-Potter
Detailing RTR locos by Gary Lee
Improving RTR locos below the footplate by Norm Hodges
Hornby 14xx to 517 Class by David Passingham
Backdating the Hornby 38xx by David Passingham
New chassis for the Hornby 2721 by F.C. Roberts
Bachmann chassis for the Lima 94xx by Mikkel Kjartan
Detailing the Triang Dean Single by Mikkel Kjartan
Star from Airfix Castle by Mikkel Kjartan

4mm RTR rolling stock projects

Weathering a 70' Post Office sorting van by Mick Bonwick
Uses for the Triang Clerestories by Russ Elliott
C10 Third from Triang Clerestories by Mikkel Kjartan
V5 PBV from Triang Clerestories by Mikkel Kjartan
Detailing options for the RTR Siphons by John Lewis

4mm kit building

4mm loco kit building

Dean Sidings Barry Railway Class L by Graeme Pettit

4mm passenger stock kit building

The Ratio 4-wheelers by Mikkel Kjartan
Kit-bashed W1 Parcels Van by Mikkel Kjartan
Shirescenes/Ratio T36 Brake Third by Steve Farrow
Shirescenes Holden 4-wheelers by Mikkel Kjartan
Comet 'B-set' Brake Composite by Robin Sweet

4mm non-passenger-carrying coaching stock kit building

Shirescenes Siphon C by Mikkel Kjartan
Parkside 'Bloater' Fish Van by Graeme Pettit
Parkside 'Beetle' Cattle Van by Graeme Pettit
David Geen Diagram Y3 Fruit Van by Graeme Pettit
Cooper-Craft Monster by Steve Phillips

4mm freight stock kit building

N30 10-ton Loco Coal Wagon by David Pearce
AA7 Brake Van by David Pearce
Cambrian GWR 6-ton Crane and match Truck by Kevin Phare
Cooper-Craft open wagons by Graeme Pettit
Cooper-Craft wooden-bodied vans by Graeme Pettit
Cooper-Craft cattle wagons by Graeme Pettit
Shirescenes Iron Cattle wagon by Graeme Pettit
Cooper-Craft loco coal wagon by Graeme Pettit
David Geen MICA refrigerated vans by Graeme Pettit

2mm/N projects

2mm/N RTR detailing

Detailing the Dapol Siphon G by Maurice Pearce
Detailing the Dapol B-set coaches by Maurice Pearce

2mm/N kit conversions

Van conversions by Les Stone

7mm Projects

7mm kit building

Open wagon sheet supporter and tarpaulin by Nick Hunt
Cooper-Craft 7mm open wagons by Graeme Pettit


Fitting Sprat & Winkle couplings by Mikkel Kjartan
A semi-permanent coach-coupling by Steve Farrow
Simple lining by Mikkel Kjartan