4mm wagons by Pietro Bello

GWR coal wagon diagram N19 16' Loco coal wagon to Diagram N19. This is a conversion from the Cooper-Craft N13 kit. The model has been superdetailed, weathered and fitted with metal wheels. The coupling is the Bachmann type with NEM pocket. Numbering and tare removed as these turned out to be incorrect.
GWR coal wagon diagram N19 Close-up of the converted and detailed underframe. To read more about the Cooper-Craft coal wagons and the scope for conversion, see Graeme Pettit's notes.
GWR open wagon 4-plank Open 54156, as seen in 1910. This model is a Cooper-Craft kit, again superdetailed, weathered, fitted with metal wheels, as well as Bachmann coupling with NEM pocket. The timber load is real wood.
timber load in GWR open wagon This view shows how the timber load was tied fast. All of the underframe details are scratchbuilt using styrene strips and rods, plasticard, brass and copper sheets and wire.
GWR match truck diagram L22 Match Truck to Diagram L22, 32128, built 1935. This model is built from a heavily converted Cooper-Craft kit. Self-contained buffers from ABS.
GWR match truck diagram L22 Close-up of the underframe, all details scratchbuilt.
GWR open wagon diagram O31 12 Ton Open 122696 to Diagram O31, built 1932. This is from a Ratio kit, superdetailed and fitted with Romford 3-hole metal wheels. Dummy load covered with tarpaulin from Smiths, in perfect GWR style.
GWR open wagon diagram O31 Close-up of the detailed underframe. Modelling for me it is a way to understand technology, or in simple words: how things work.
GWR open wagon diagram O29 5-plank open wagon 122060 to Diagram O29 as seen in 1933. This model is a superdetailed Ratio kit. Painted with Phoenix Precision-Paint, weathered and detailed with Vallejo acrylic paints.
GWR open wagon diagram O29 A look at the chassis and fittings.