What if Collett had kept 'The Bear'?

by Peter Brookbanks

In an unusual flight of fancy, Peter Brookbanks wondered what might have been if Collett had chosen not to scrap The Great Bear in 1924, but to develop it instead. The upshot is a 7mm scale model with:

  • extended frames to take a side window cab;
  • trailing axle moved back to support extension and converted to an outside bearing Cartazzi;
  • combustion chamber added to front of firebox;
  • outside steam pipes fitted to external cylinders;
  • 3500g bogie tender replaced with a normal 4000g tender.

The model used some old Scorpio etchings as a basis with scratchbuilt additions as appropriate. It runs on Slaters wheels and is powered by a Maxon motor and ABC 2-stage gearbox.