Langley N gauge stock

courtesy John Cooke

This page shows examples of some well-known Langley kits, built by modelmaker David Temple of Darlington for John Cooke. John has since sold them on as he wanted to try out digital modelling using continental stock. Hopefully it won't be long before he rejoins the ranks of GWR modellers!


14xx and matchboard type autocoach, built from a Langley kit


A closer look at the autocoach, built mainly from etched brass with whitemetal details


The loco is built from whitemetal. The motorised chassis is from Graham Farish and was about the last one left in the country when Farish sold out to Bachmann!


57' Toplight Double Slip coach, another Langley kit. This is built mainly from etched brass with whitemetal details.


Three-quarter view of the Slip coach