Rob Evans' 4mm locos and rolling stock

Taff Vale O3 class 0-6-2T. Further details are given on Rob's RMweb thread.


This Cambrian Railways class 73 was converted from a Hornby Dean Goods loco, and full details of this build can be found on Rob's RMweb thread.


Some of the backwaters of the GWR had some unique and interesting locomotives. One of these was GWR No 1331. Built by Fox Walker for the Whitland & Cardigan Railway in 1877 as their No.3, it became GWR 1387 when the W&C was absorbed by the GWR in 1886. It was rebuilt with longer frames in 1896 and then transferred to departmental stock in 1902, working at Reading Signal Depot until 1925. It was again rebuilt in 1926-7, emerging as 1331. It then worked at Weymouth for several years, being equipped with a bell for roadside working. It was sent to Oswestry in 1941 to work the Porthywaen Sidings (without the bell or front step). It was withdrawn from Oswestry Shed in 1950. This attractive little saddle tank engine may be constructed from an Agenoria kit, but in this case has been assembled from a working chassis from a Hornby "Toby", together with the saddle tank, smokebox, footplate and backhead from a Hornby "Smokey Joe" body. The remainder is a mix of commercial and scratchbuilt components. Details of its construction are given here.


Rob Evans' transformation of a Hornby 'Terrier' chassis, together with a body soldered together from copper and brass, and a few commercial fittings, into 1376, the last surviving loco built for the Bristol & Exeter Railway. The loco lasted long enough to be transferred post-grouping to Oswestry to work the Tanat Valley line. She was scrapped in 1934.

The saga of the construction of the model is given on RMweb. The loco has been modelled from photographs only, as no drawings were available.


Rob's model of a Taff Vale brake van as running in GW livery, based on a Falcon Brass etched kit. The construction of the model, with some historical discussion, is detailed on RMweb. Another peek of this van can be found at the bottom of this page.

More examples of Rob's work can be found on the Cambrian pages and the M&SWJR pages. The story of Rob's 'Camarthen Junction' Engine Shed is being detailed on RMweb.