4mm Unbuilt Cathedral 4-6-2

by Nick Parsons

So you thought that the GWR only had one 4-6-2 pacific? Well think again. Here is Nick Parsons' superb OO interpretation of how the mythical 'Cathedral' Class might have looked if it had become a 4-6-2: "Exeter Cathedral" No. 8001 in all its glory.


The loco was constructed by using parts from the Hornby (China) LMS Princess, the Hornby BR (ex-GWR) King and a Hornby GWR Hawksworth tender top. The only exception to this were the name and number plates that were bought in.


Exeter Cathedral is fitted with a Loksound DCC sound decoder custom programmed with GWR sounds, the decoder is installed in the boiler, with a pair of speakers fitted inside the tender.