Dave Perkins' 4mm locos

GWR 0-4-4T No. 34

This loco was built from an Albion (now Roxey Mouldings) kit in 1993. It is powered by a Portescap RG4 1219 motor, driving through an MJT gearbox conversion kit.



3521 Class No. 3546

This loco was built from a Peter K kit in 1987. It is driven by an RG4 1219 motor/gearbox, using Romford drivers and Gibson carrying wheels.


GWR 3232 class 2-4-0 No 3245

The loco was built from a Martin Finney kit and constructed as supplied, using the S2 boiler with extended smokebox. The engine is generally depicted in as-built condition. It is powered by an RG4 1219 using the gearbox conversion kit supplied in the kit and driving on the trailing axle. The leading driving axle is mounted in sprung hornblocks and the carrying axle is also sprung.


GWR "Armstrong Goods" No 794

This is from a NuCast kit, built to conform to the condition of the engine during the period 1902-1909 with an S4 boiler. Powered by an unmodified RG4 1616 power unit driving on the centre axle.


River Class 2-4-0

Modified from a Peter K kit. Powered by a Portescap RG4 1219 and gears driving through an MJT gearbox conversion on the front driving axle. This power unit arrangement allows the ashpan to be filled with lead ballast, giving a well balanced engine with weight where t is most wanted, between the two driving axles. The chassis is rigid.

The "OO" spacers supplied in the engine kit are dimensionally faulty and produce a chassis with full back-to-back width leaving no room for bearing flanges and wheel bosses. A suitable heavy brass chassis was utilised and overlaid with the inside frames supplied in the kit making for a much stronger, more solid rigid unit.

The boiler was turned up by a friend with a lathe from heavy-walled brass tubing to provide more weight. The firebox wrapper from the kit is inlaid in the rear portion. The boiler-to-firebox mating ring was modified to suit. Otherwise, construction followed the kit instructions. The drivers are Romfords, the carrying wheels Slaters.

The chassis and body are a very good fit and have been successfully road-tested. The boiler fittings are not attached in the view above.