4mm locos by Chris Phillips

These models are examples of 4mm Chris Phillips' building and painting service. As can be seen from the photos, Chris does both kits and RTR modifications. You can see more examples at Chris Phillips' website.

Atbara class 4124 Kitchener, based on a Nu-Cast 'Flower' kit

1751 saddle tank built from a South Eastern Finecast kit

Curved-frame Bulldog 3322 Eclipse, built from a combination of Nu-Cast Bulldog and Duke kits

7400 Pannier tank, built from a now-discontinued Westward kit

70' Steam Railmotor, built from an Nu-Cast kit, in crimson lake livery.

A 39xx class 2-6-2T (a 1907 Churchward design, incorporating parts from withdrawn Dean Goods locos), from a Jackson Evans kit.

An Armstrong Standard Goods 0-6-0, from a Nu-Cast kit.

Sandwich-framed Barnum 2-4-0, built from a Blacksmith Models kit.

No.36 is a William Dean design, this time the unique outside-framed 4-6-0, constructed from an Alan Gibson kit.

An ex-M&SWJR 2-4-0, built from a Nu-Cast kit.

River Class 2-4-0, painted by Chris for a customer-built Peter K kit.

One of the "ugly ducklings" heavy shunting 0-6-0T tanks introduced after nationalisation, built from a Nu-Cast kit.