Niels Bo Rasmussen 's 4mm stock

Bulldog Class 4-4-0 'Pershore Plum', built by Ted Kanas from a Martin Finney kit. The loco features a Portescap motor and Ultrascale wheels.


County Tank 4-4-2T 2250. This loco was purchased from Ted Kanas, who originally built it from an M&L kit for his Grand Wulfrunian layout.


Duke Class 4-4-0 3283 'Comet', also built by Ted Kanas from a Mallard etched brass kit.

The typical small (2000g) tenders of the Dukes, built in order to accommodate the small turntables in Cornwall.

The model features very fine sanding pipes made from syringes, and tool-boxes with opening lids.


43xx class 2-6-0 6396, built from a Malcolm Mitchell kit by Ted Kanas


This Dean Goods 0-6-0 was built by Ted Kanas from a Mallard kit. A Portescap motor powers the engine.


A couple of brass goods vehicles here, a grey X2 Mica and a cattle wagon to diagram W3. The kits are Terry McDermot (later Perseverance).


This N5 horsebox was built by Ted Kanas from the sadly now discontinued Colin Waite kit


A Mica, also built from an etched brass Terry McDermot (later Perserverance) kit