N gauge Rhymney Railway No. 39

courtesy Clive Wadsworth

Rhymney Class R in N gauge, courtesy Clive Wadsworth

Rhymney Class R in N Gauge, courtesy Clive Wadsworth

Here's something rather unusual, and proof that pre-grouping Welsh N gauge is possible. Clive writes:

This model depicts Rhymney Railways Loco RR 39, the first of only 10 built for the Rhymney line in South Wales.

Built in 1921 the loco saw service until the mid '50s when all 10 were withdrawn from service. None are preserved. When the Rhymney Railway was swallowed up by the GWR the loco's were designated as Class RRR1 [or simply Rhymney Class R, ed].

I cannot take credit for building it, but I have partly restored it with lots of help from Bob Russell of BR Lines (UK Farish Service Agent).

I found the loco in the USA of all places, and judging by the mechanics it dates from the mid '70s to early '80s. Sadly I have not been able to track down the builder.