2mm loco kits

This list shows most GWR 2mm loco kits. Note that some are body-kits only, designed to fit Graham Farish or Dapol RTR chassis. Where known, the appropriate Farish chassis reference is shown. Note that the Thameshead brand is part of BH Enterprises. Some of these kits may no longer be available.

For 2mm scale fans, the 2mm Scale Association produces the following scale etched chassis for use with proprietary bodies: 0-6-0T for Farish Pannier, 0-4-2T for Dapol 14xx, 0-6-0 for Peco Collett Goods, and (available from David Eveleigh via the 2mm Scale Association) 2-6-2T for Dapol 45xx.

Class Type Introduced Manufacturer Material Notes
(NYA = not yet available)
Metro 2-4-0T c 1870 Dean Sidings Resin body  
517 0-4-2T c 1885 Dean Sidings Resin
(for Dapol 14xx chassis)
10xx (County) 4-6-0 1945 P&D Marsh Whitemetal
(for Farish Hall chassis)
10xx (County) 4-6-0 1945 Langley Whitemetal  
1366 0-6-0PT 1934 Beaver Whitemetal No longer available
1701 0-6-0ST c 1890 Dean Sidings Resin
(for Farish Pannier chassis)
(Collett Goods)
0-6-0 1930 Langley Whitemetal
(for Farish 1409 chassis)
23xx (Dean Goods) 0-6-0 1883 N Brass Locos Whitemetal/etched brass
(for Farish 4F chassis)
28xx 2-8-0 1903 Gem Whitemetal  
29xx (Saint) 4-6-0 1903 P&D Marsh Whitemetal
(for Farish Hall chassis)
43xx 2-6-0 1911 P&D Marsh Whitemetal
(for Farish 1609 chassis)
48xx/14xx 0-4-2T 1932 Langley Whitemetal
(comes with autocoach)
52xx/72xx 2-8-0 1919 Worsley Works Etched brass  
56xx 0-6-2T 1924 Langley Whitemetal  
57xx 0-6-0PT 1929 Thameshead Whitemetal  
60xx (King) 4-6-0 1927 Foxhunter Whitemetal No longer available
87xx 0-6-0PT 1931 Thameshead Whitemetal  
97xx 0-6-0PT 1933 Thameshead Whitemetal  
93xx 2-6-0 1932 P&D Marsh Whitemetal
(for Farish 1609 chassis)
68xx (Grange) 4-6-0 1936 P&D Marsh Whitemetal
(for Farish 1409 chassis)
78xx (Manor) 4-6-0 1938 P&D Marsh Whitemetal
(for Farish 1409 chassis)
Steam Railmotor
(No 93)
0-4-0 1908 Worsley Works Etched brass NYA
Steam Railmotor
(Matchboard style)
0-4-0 1905 Langley Whitemetal  
Parcels Railcar B-B 1933 Langley Whitemetal
(for Farish 8174 chassis)
Twin Railcar B-B 1941 Langley Whitemetal