4mm RTR wagons

Rapido 4mm GWR open wagon diagram O21

You can't have too many opens. This is a preproduction shot of Rapido's 4-planker. The GWR had about 18000 of this type. Remarkably, this is the first ever RTR GWR open in 4mm scale. (Rapido has subsequently also announced O11/O15 opens.)

Note: This list includes scope for conversions to other diagrams. Most conversions are straightforward. Those marked (*) are less so. The list is in GWR diagram order. It seems that manufacturers share tooling for some of the wagons listed. NLA = no longer available, NYA = not yet available.

Type Diagram Manufacturer Notes/conversion to
Crocodile H
(Well wagon)
C23 / C27 Bachmann ex-Mainline
(Motorcar van)
G31 Hornby,
Body is ex-Dapol, ex-Mainline
Loriot Y
(Well wagon)
G39 Hornby
Loriot Y
(Well wagon)
G39 Rapido
Loriot P
(Well wagon)
G42 Wrenn
with container
H7 Bachmann,
Ex-Airfix. A variety of containers are produced. Conversion H9?
Macaw B
(Flat wagon)
J21 Bachmann ex-Mainline. DC-braked version. Conversion to J14, J28?
Macaw H
(Flat wagon)
J25 Hornby ex-Airfix, DC-braked. Hornby's proposed (2023) lever-brake version was cancelled.
Shunters truck M Hornby Updated version introduced 2014
Shunters truck M3, M4 Bachmann Upright and sloping handrail versions
10T Coal wagon N19 Rapido NYA
20T coal wagon (N27/N32) Hornby ex-Dapol, ex-Palitoy, ex-Airfix. End-bracing suggests N32, but these were never in standard GWR livery, and carried private liveries. If one ignores or removes end-bracing, it is an N27.
China clay wagon - Bachmann 1950's BR version of GWR 013
5-plank open wagon O11/O15 Rapido NYA
5-plank open wagon
O18 Rapido NYA
4-plank open wagon O21 Rapido  
RCH 7-plank open
(side door)
(Not standard GWR) Dapol Resembles and numbered as 06515 end-tipping coal wagon built for GWR by Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Co – but too wide and too long. No longer available
Grampus (Ballast) - Dapol BR diagram, but similar to GWR P19/P21
Iron Mink V6 Rapido (also available in Rhymney and Taff Vale liveries)
Iron Mink V6 Rails of Sheffield 3D print, produced in assocation with Dapol
Mink V12/V14 Rapido NYA
Mink A
(ventilated van)
V23, V24 Dapol,
If non-vacuum fitted this is a fair V24. If fitted it is effectively V23, and close to V34.
Various liveries and underframe details have been released.
Shocvan V28 Bachmann  
12T Van V35 Bachmann Southern design built at Ashford
Cattle wagon
W Bachmann Based on a BR version of GWR diagram W12. Body length, wheelbase and roof profile (too flat) not correct for W12.
Cattle wagon
W Dapol Based on a BR version of GWR diagram W12. Body length, wheelbase and roof profile (too flat) not correct for W12.
Mica A
(Meat van)
X6 Rapido NYA
Mica B
(Meat van)
X8 KR Models NYA
Mica B
(Meat van)
(X7, X8) Wrenn Body is too long. X4*, X7*, X8*, X9*
Banana Van Y4 Rapido NYA
Fruit A
(Fruit van)
Y8 Bachmann ex-Replica. Body is too wide
(Fruit van)
Y10 Dapol Wheelbase is incorrect. Body is too long.
Fruit D
(Fruit van)
Y11 Wrenn Crude. Body is too wide
Fruit D
(Fruit van)
Y11 Dapol Body is too wide, and slatted body vents are incorrect
Gunpowder van
Z4 Rapido
Gunpowder van
  Dapol Poor resemblance. Wrong wheelbase for any GWR diagrams
Brake van (Toad) AA1 Oxford Rail Many errors
Brake van (Toad) AA3 Oxford Rail Many errors
Brake van 20T (Toad) AA15 Hornby Excellent
Brake van 20T (Toad) AA19 Bachmann ex-Mainline. AA15 conversion possible.
Brake van 20T (Toad) AA19 Hornby Side stanchions are incorrect. NLA
Brake van 20T (Toad) AA20 Rapido