by Norman Hodges

Blagdon was the terminus of the Wrington Vale Light Railway just south of Bristol. The layout has been around for six to seven years now, and is operated by an Australian trio: David Mortimer-Fox originally came from Somerset near Bristol (hence his model of Blagdon). The other member of the team is Gill Jones, who like myself hails from South Wales.

Our little trio is known locally as the "Welsh Taffia" (Dave being considered an honorary Welshman) as we usually show little regard for rivet counters and rule enforcers. Our motto is model railways are fun and we like to enjoy ourselves.

The Metro tank, water tank and Siphon are all built by David Mortimer-Fox. The Metro tank is scratchbuilt in brass with bought fittings, and powered by a Mashima can motor and Branchline gearbox.

An etched brass kit-built water tank

A K's whitemetal siphon body mounted on a long wheelbase Ratio underframe.

This clerestory is converted from two Tri-ang brake thirds cut to form one of the 10-compartment all 3rds illustrated in Russell's "Great Western Coaches". Behind this is a non-descript Saloon, also from a Tri-ang clerestory which I picked up on e-bay very cheaply.

This is a Cambrian kit of a ballast wagon that I weathered early in the piece. It is fitted with metal wheelsets and Kadee couplings, as are all my stock.

Assembly dowels and in-built connectors

A further view of the connectors

The station board with recessed switches and open framework with legs folded up.

The four layout modules, ready for assembly


The fiddle yard end packed up for transport

Ready for departure to exhibition

Blagdon ready to operate, with owner

Here is Gill Jones operating our layout at the "Epping Show" in Sydney. This show is held by the Epping Model Railway Club every year on the "Queen's Birthday" long weekend. It's a regular for us either as exhibitors or just visitors. It's not the biggest but the quality is good.