Yatton – again – with Blagdon

Built by Tony Ford

Photos courtesy Trevor Pott

Tony Ford's first attempt at Yatton was built in the 1960s, appearing in Railway Modeller in 1965. The layout was subsequently taken on by the now defunct Bristol 4mm Group, and toured the exhibition circuit in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

The first Yatton layout was subsequently sold on, eventually taken over by Tom McKee. You can see Tom McKee's refurbished version of the first Yatton here.

Tony Ford later decided to make another Yatton in his loft, which did away with some of the compromises of the original layout. The pictures shown here depict the second version.

Many thanks to Trevor Pott for the photos and the above background information.

Empty milk churns are prepared for the Cheddar Valley train

Note the platform lamps, depicting a standard style

Busy platforms – looking towards Bristol

The ex. 7.55am Taunton to Paddington stops at Yatton

Down Main Starting Signal

A Down King hauled express passes

Coal merchants office, with weighbridge outside

Side entrance to the Down platform

Waiting for a visitor from a Down train

The Station Master's House

Groceries delivery? Discussing local politics? Or both?

The Station Hotel

Mail for the Station Hotel

The Newspaper man...

...doing his rounds.

The Railway Terrace...

...on a sunny day.

A railside cottage

The Bridge Inn

Then inn again, seen from the road

YA 6550

The ex.1.35am Crewe to Penzance...

...crosses the bridge...

...and approaches Yatton.

In 2005, the "Yatton" layout was extended to include the branch to Blagdon. Trains run from Yatton via the Cheddar line onto the Blagdon branch. The station is served by a 517 Class loco and three four-wheel coaches or a railmotor, as the real station was.

Overview of the station

Platform details

517 Class with coaches at the station