GWR chocolate & cream coach livery


GWR Coach Brown
GWR Coach Cream
Based on J.N.Slinn 'Great Western Way', HMRS 1978

The GWR chocolate and cream coach livery was introduced in 1864. The scheme was originally intended as chocolate and white, but with varnishing the tone changed to cream.

The two colours lasted on coaching stock until the end of the company's existence, with the following exceptions: In 1908, an all over chocolate livery was introduced, retaining lining but discarding the cream entirely. This rather austere livery was replaced in 1912/1913 by a richer crimson lake colour, which lasted until 1922.

In 1922, Collett did away with the wartime colours (which included khaki and black), and reintroduced the chocolate and cream. This lasted as the standard GWR coach livery until nationalisation.