Down the line on the Bristol & North Somerset

by Tim Venton


Marsh Lane bridge The first bridge south from Clutton is Marsh Lane, seen here in 1976, but now destroyed. I have tried to model this.
Marsh Lane bridge Marsh Lane Bridge looking north in 1976. The up fixed distant was on the left. I do have a picture of the stump, but decided against putting it on here.
between Clutton and Marsh Lane bridge What amazes me is how clear it all looked back then; this is the main line in 1976, only 6 years after the track had been removed. It doesn't look like this now.
bridge between Clutton and Hallatrow This was an occupation bridge between Clutton and Hallatrow in 1976. According to aerial photos, this bridge is now destroyed.


Hallatrow Station, 1976 The next station is Hallatrow – the station building is pictured c 1976. It has been restored since then.
Hallatrow station model A model of Hallatrow is being built by Dave Keeler as part of the 18.83 challenge for the Scalefour Society. I leant him an old model of the station building, and a signal box for Scaleforum 2005. I was running my stock on his layout for these photos, in this one I was trying to replicate a shot by Hugh Ballantyne of a down train arriving at Hallatrow.
Hallatrow station model An up train awaits departure for Clutton; I expect the signalman is just coming down the steps to give the driver the token.
Hallatrow station model Overall view of Dave's model; I did consider building Hallatrow, but decided it was too big. He's managed to get the atmosphere of the station into a small space though.
Hallatrow station model An up train departs Hallatrow. 7784 on one of my B-sets.


Farrington Gurney Halt The next station was Farrington Gurney Halt, seen here in 1972, before being filled in. This famously had a booking office in the pub on the main road.


Midsomer Norton & Welton model The next station was Midsomer Norton & Welton. I spotted this N gauge model of the station at the Midsomer Norton Model Railway show. The light was coming in a window, hence the strong shadows.
Midsomer Norton & Welton model Overall view of the station. Midsomer Norton & Welton didn't have a passing loop or signal box in the '50s, but did have a goods shed.
Midsomer Norton & Welton goods shed The real goods shed at Midsomer Norton & Welton, in about 1975.


Radstock station The level crossing at Radstock in 1975
Radstock station The remains of the down platform at Radstock in 1975.
Radstock station A point lever in the Radstock yard
Radstock station General view of Radstock yard