A database of GWR photo references

This is a collective endeavour, initiated by some members of RMweb. The purpose of the project is to provide a public resource for GWR photo references. The idea behind the project is that anyone can make a contribution.

Here is the current Excel spreadsheet.

If you want to input to the process, send me a spreadsheet with new data on it, using this blank, but formatted, sheet. (I can then update the master server file with the new data.) None of the fields are mandatory, so don't feel obliged to fill every column.

To save duplication of effort, contributors should please check the current spreadsheet to see what books/journals have already been done or are in the process of being done.

For entries in the date column, please use yyyy-mm-dd or yyyy-month-dd or yyyy/mm/dd format where the date is known to that accuracy. For less precise dates, please put the year first, because this helps in sorting, e.g. '1934 November', '1934', '1934?', '1930s-mid', '1930s?'. If the date is completely unknown, it is probably best to leave the field blank.

In all cases of dates, please input in 'Text' format (as set in Excel's 'Number' panel), since this is the only format that will accomodate less precise dates and facilitate sensible sorting.

For entries in the Class column, you might find this text file listing useful.

Please do not include any conditional formating of cells or rows. For the Book title column on the Pictures tab, it is a good idea to make this a relative link to the Book title on the Books tab. No macros please.

If you are making a partial coverage of a book or journal, please indicate this in your covering note to me.

For corrections to existing entries on the current sheet, it is likely that this is best done by an explanatory e-mail, rather than submitting a new sheet. I will clarify this corrections procedure in due course.

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