GWR road vehicles

Models by Daryle Toney

This page shows a selection of the excellent models of GWR road vehicles produced by Daryle Toney from modified or detailed kits to a variety of scales. Daryle trades as John Day Models.

Thornycroft Forward-Control 6-wheeler

This 4mm scale model is based on a Thornycroft J.C. forward control 6-wheeler as depicted in Philip Kelly's vehicles of the Great Western Railway Vol I plate 77. In case readers are not aware, there are three of these books, vols 1 & 2 plus a third book which is a combination of the first two, however there are many items in the first two books that do not appear in the third and vice-versa.

I've put this model together using two of the Springside 30cwt lorries, cutting and shutting the rear body and chassis discarding the wheels that come with the kit and using wheels from ABS Models, these are from his Albion lorry which I think look spot on, the other detailing which I had to fashion includes riveted straps for the rear body, life guard rails between the wheels, re-sizing the doors, door handle, license holder, beading across the front either side of the radiator and a separate window frame modelled in an open position, all of this is visible in the pics as I used brass.


Ford 'A' Van – the GWR had a couple of these and can be identified in the second GWR book from the Nostalgia road series. This 4mm scale kit is available from the LGM model range, also under the name of DGM or Autocraft Models by Dave Gilbert.

This model is how I think it would appear as there are no photos available that i'm aware of, the decals are home made to suit.


Thorneycroft 30cwt open lorry from Springside Models in 4mm scale. I've built this one with no modifications other than using an etched brass GWR name plate on the cab above the windscreen and adding the decals and number plate.


4mm scale 1933 Scammell Mechanical Horse with sided trailer, designed and originally produced by Alan Brackenborough. Considering it was first produced back in the '80s it is very accurate with amazing detail and is a super quality kit unsurpassed even today. I believe it was later produced by Eames, and is now produced by ABS, unfortunately there is a problem with the mould at the moment and is not likely to be in production again for the near future, so your only hope is to find one on ebay, but expect to pay a premium for it! On the brighter side, I'm looking to produce the same vehicle for the John Day range of models with equal detail and more, including a variety of trailers.

I've completed this kit in the pre-shirt button era as is defined by the lack of any doors. The kit does come with doors if you want to model a later era. The only additions I've made are brake linkages to the trailer, and made the coupling actually work so that the trailer can be left free standing. Decals and one of the etched brass plates that I've had comissioned complete the model nicely.


Express Cartage Van, built to 2mm scale


A heavy transformer load on a lowloader being pulled by a Foden tractor unit. This 2mm model was made using some four different kits. The shirt button and number plate decals are proprieary, whilst the "Great Western Railway" decals on the lowside are homemade.


2mm Karrier Cob mechanical horse with flatbed. It was originally purchased as a secondhand built-up kit, which was then stripped of all paint, de-glued, soldered together and fitted with a new scratchbuilt flatbed.


2mm Ford TT wagon from the Gem range. This is built with all solder construction, spray painted using phoenix precision paints.

The canvas tilt can be removed for versatiliy. The shirtbutton transfer on the cab is by Fox transfers, and the Express Cartage Service lettering is homegrown to suit.

The final look of the Ford TT placed by a £1 coin shows just how small these 2mm models are.


3½-ton AEC single decker omnibus, built to 4mm scale from a Langley whitemetal kit. It has number plates, and fitted with ladder to the roof.


Thorneycroft 30cwt A1 motor parcels van. This is an 0 Gauge kit by Nu-Cast, some 30 years old. Using photos from Kelly's "GWR Road Vehicles" I've made it as prototypical as possible, including number plate and home made decals.


Morris 1-ton van, built in 4mm scale from a Springsides kit. All solder construction. Paints are Railmatch, and again all transfers are homemade.


Scammell mechanical horse in "N". Built from the range of Gem kits with various trailers.


Another Scammell from the Gem "N" gauge range


Thorneycroft forward control 30cwt A1 parcels van. This is a Springsides 4mm scale model. All solder construction and homemade decals to suit. Fleet number and number plate (as much as I can make of it)  are as per prototype photo found in Philip Kelly's "Great Western Road Vehicles" book. The poster on the side is promoting travel to Holyhead.


Foden 6-wheel lorry, using an ERF lorry kit from Gem


Daimler flatbed from the Gem Fleetline N gauge range, with homegrown decals


Maudsley flatbed and trailer. Also a Gem Fleetline kit for "N", with two Peco furniture containers.


GWR one-horse station bus in 4mm scale. This is from a Monmouth kit, now marketed by P&D Marsh. I have added an interior and bullseye lenses to the oil lamps. The model is nearly all solder construction, and spray painted using Railmatch paints. The wagon dates from 1894 but could still be found at rural stations right up to the 1930s. Drawings can be found in P.J. Kelly's "GWR Road Vehicles Appendix".


This 4mm scale model, built from a P&D Marsh kit (code No. PW55), is a tricycle as used by the GWR c 1910 – three of them were used in London for local small parcel deliveries. Pictures can be found in Philip Kelly's "GWR Road Vehicles". Handrails have been added using 'N' gauge loco handrail knobs and wire, the decal is home made, also I replaced the mudguards with finer ones and repositioned them to be a more prototypical. An interesting little model which would look great on a station platform or in and about the town.


'N' gauge horse drawn van from DGM models/autocraft models, finished in GWR livery with home made decals.


GWR Morris Commercial 2-ton Parcel Van. This is one of the 4mm/00 scale John Day Models that I am now producing, and comes complete with decals which are prototypical. Again, prototype pics can be found in Philip Kelly's "GWR Road Vehicles" bearing the same fleet number.