Simple lining

by Mikkel Kjartan

Here's a quick illustration of loco lining the simple way, using the HMRS Pressfix range of lining. There really is very little to this process: this is straightforward stuff, that only requires a little patience. More advanced modellers may prefer the HMRS Methfix range, or other approaches such as drawing it yourself with a bowpen, which is a rather more challenging task.

1. Measure out a section of lining. There are several shapes on the sheet to aide modellers as much as possible.


2. Cut around the required section with a sharp hobby knife. Don't cut right through, you'll need only the top layer. The result should be a section of lining with the thin backing paper still attached to it.


3. Locate the section of lining where you want it on the loco. Then press firmly to make it stick thoroughly. The photo above shows a curved section of lining that is already completed. The strip of paper beneath it is a section that has been added but still has the backing paper attached, as it should at this stage.


4. Wet the section of lining with a brush, and leave for a minute or so. The backing paper will come off...


5. ...and the lining will be attached to the loco.


6. Gradually build up sections of lining to the required shape.


7. The finished result. Incidentally, taking the lining around the back of the bunker was normal for these early GWR classes.