7mm RTR locos and rolling stock

Small prairie by Masterpiece Models, image courtesy Adrian Knowles

Heljan 7mm Prairie

Heljan's large prairie, image courtesy Steve Fay


Minerva Model Railways has made available 57xx and 8750 pannier tanks, in both topfeed and backfeed variants, and has released a V6 Iron Mink and a non-specific open. Mink diagrams V4, V12 and V14 are available, and a bogie Siphon G diagram O33 has been announced, as has an N32 coal wagon. Future releases include a 56xx 0-6-2T.

Heljan has a 61xx large Prairie, a 2-6-0 Churchward Mogul, and a Railcar.

Dapol has produced a 48xx/14xx and a 57xx Pannier, and has announced a H7 conflat wagon with BK2, BD2 and BR BD containers. A streamlined railcar has been announced. Also announced are a V23/V24 Mink van, a Y8 fruit van, a Mogo and brake vans of diagrams AA15, AA19, AA20 and AA21.

Dapol 48xx/58xx/14xx 0-4-2T


Lionheart Trains had a 64xx Pannier and Autocoach (diagram N) available, and a 74xx, and a 45xx small Prairie. Some of the range has been taken over by Dapol, and will include new suburban coaches (diagrams E140, D109 and E141).

Lionheart E140 B-set

Lionheart 45xx, image courtesy Rails of Sheffield

Dapol (ex-Lionheart) diagram N Autocoach, image courtesy Rails of Sheffield


Ixion Models had a Fowler 0-4-0 diesel-mechanical shunter "GWR No 1", introduced in 1936, but this seems to be no longer available.

Tower Models commission RTR locos from time to time, including a 48xx 0-4-2T, a 8750 0-6-0T Pannier, a 1361 0-6-0ST dock tank, a 4575 class 2-6-2T Prairie, a 4-6-0 King and a 4-6-0 Castle, and a number of coach and railcar prototypes.

CRT Kits makes the following locos available as RTR: 1361 0-6-0ST, 1366 0-6-0PT, 2251 Class 0-6-0, 72xx 2-8-2T, 45xx 2-6-2T, 4575 2-6-2T, 61xx 2-6-2T, 56xx 0-6-2T, 15xx 0-6-0PT, 94xx 0-6-0PT. CRT also make many of their coaches available in RTR form.

Golden Age Models is producing Star, Castle and King class 4-6-0s locos, plus Super Saloons, Collett Large Window 'Sunshine' Coaches, and 'Cornish Riviera Limited' Centenary Coaches.

Haywood Railway make available a number of their coaches in RTR form.

Lee Marsh Model Co and Masterpiece Models produce limited runs of very high-quality GWR bespoke locos from time to time, but they are expensive.