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GWR 0-4-4T No 34 by Dave PerkinsShowcase
Galleries of GWR models in various scales
Pages that have been added or updated
Watlington by Dave FearnLayouts
Listing of layouts on the web and layouts featured on this site
  Holden 4-wheeler to diagram T59Projects
Simple conversion and kit-building projects, using RTR stock and uncomplicated kits
GWR 1912-1922 livery on Roger Bailey's 4-wheeler diagram T34Liveries
GWR liveries from 1900 to post-nationalisation
Lists of kits and ready-to-run GWR models in 2, 3, 4 and 7mm scales
The Firestone sidings on the Brentford branchFeatures
Ideas, notes and references for modelling the GWR
Links and resources for modelling the GWR

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