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If you don't have a website, but would like to pass on your notes, photos or modelling-experience via the internet, you can do so on this site. It doesn't have to be extensive, as long as it's good.

Contributions can include:

  • Layout descriptions and photos
  • Individual photos of your favourite models
  • Kit-building projects
  • Detailing and modification projects
  • Track Plans and design issues
  • Case studies of particular lines, stock etc
  • Listings of kits, stock etc

All material that you submit will of course be clearly credited to you. Whatever you submit will be either integrated in the existing sections, or, if there's a lot of it, set up in a new section.

Note the following:

  • Your material must be GWR or BR(W) related

  • I reserve the right to review whatever you submit and suggest editing if necessary.

  • I control the design and layout of the pages on which your material appears, in order to ensure that the site retains its overall design and feel.

  • If you submit photos, they must be of good quality. Bad photos are a pet hate of mine, especially on the internet!

  • Don't expect the world. I am no wizard web-designer, and this is no website-hosting service. The idea is merely to make your information available to others, and to enhance the scope of this site as a resource for GWR modellers.

Right, that was the serious bit. Now if you have some good material, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, and I'll get back to you.

About GWR Modelling





GWR Modelling began in 1999 as a single page of Internet links for Great Western modellers.

In the modelling world, a lot of people were still doing GWR branchlines, and Diesel MPDs seemed almost novel. Manufacturers like Nucast, D&S and Mike's Models were still around. The revolution in RTR detail was still in its infancy.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and meanwhile the GWR Modelling website just grew and grew, primarily as a result of the steady flow of photos and material sent in by GWR modellers.

The aim of the site is to provide information, inspiration and showcases for modellers of the GWR, and thereby help promote modelling of that very special railway. The site is 100% non-profit, and paid and managed by the webmaster on a private basis.

The site has some 300 individual visitors a day. Most are from the UK, US and Australia, but there are also regular visitors from Malaysia, Uruguay, South Africa, Poland, Japan, Sweden and some 25 other countries. The world is full of GWR modellers!

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