7mm buildings from the Abbotsbury Branch

courtesy Invertrain Model Railways

Portesham station building, showing the typical William Clarke outlines


The engine shed at Abbotsbury  These buildings by Invertrain Model Railways are all based on the charming designs that were found on the Abbotsbury branch. Most are typical of the independent engineer William Clarke, who was contracted on this and several other branches.

Abbotsbury Goods Shed  The models are not 100% accurate copies of the prototypes, but follow the overall design and size of the originals. They are made from resin castings using hand-finished moulds, with details in etched brass, whitemetal, resin or stone cast plaster.


The station building at Abbotsbury

You can see more of these and other branchline buildings at the Invertrain Model Railways website. Many thanks to Chris Smith for allowing use of the photos.


Portesham Goods Shed