Goods van diagram V14 in EM

by Trevor Pott

This excellent EM Gauge model of a V14 van is destined for Trevor's Churston layout. For an introduction to the Cooper-Craft van kits and options for converting them, see the Projects section.

The model was built from modified Cooper-Craft parts, and uses etchings from Masokits, buffers from MJT and Ultrascale wheels set in waisted brass bearings from the EM Gauge Society. The door catches are etched brass from David Geen, while couplings, brake cylinder and vacuum pipes are white metal castings from ABS. Quite a mix of parts!

Underside of the wagon, with brake gear and sprung coupling hooks in evidence.


Other side of the V14. The model has the offset V-hangers fitted to this diagram and to some vacuum-fitted Opens and the smaller Loco Coal wagons. John Lewis has been very helpful with sorting this out.