4mm coaches by Robin Sweet

4mm Brake Composite to diagram E129, made from a Comet kit. See how it was built in the projects section.


4mm Centenary 3rd Class Dining Coach to Diagram H44, prior to painting. Another Comet kit. 4mm Brake Composite


Another of Robin Sweet's coaches, a Comet Full Brake to diagram K42 in three stages of painting, the last stage waiting for lining out 4mm K42 Full Brake

4mm K42 Full Brake

4mm K42 Full Brake


Centenary All 3rd to Diagram C69, built from a 4mm Comet kit. The coach was built by Robin and painted by Larry Goddard.


Compartment side of the C69. The backscene is from Jenny Drake's 'Photojenic' range.


A couple more closeup shots of Robin's C69


First Class Restaurant Car to Diagram H43, built from a Comet kit


Third Class Restaurant Car to dia H44, also from a Comet kit


Broad-side view of the H44