Comet 4mm 'B-set' Brake Composite

by Robin Sweet

On this page, Robin Sweet briefly describes how he built his B-set Brake Composites to Diagram E129, using kits from the Comet range. (Larger pictures of the B-set are on his gallery page.) 4mm Brake Composite


The instructions with these kits are really straightforward, and the beauty is that you can build one in really any sequence. The kits are designed with a removeable underframe to be mounted with type 8BA screws, which you can start with if you want. However, I prefer to start with preparing the sides. 4mm B-set

The sides

The sides need preparing if you are fitting door hinges. This is, believe me, a mind numbing job – but it is well worth the effort. You'll need to drill 0.5mm (0.020") holes in the etched line where the doors are. In some cases (e.g. where the guard/luggage goes) there are 3 hinges either side. Comet recommend using door handles for hinges, soldered from behind. Do this after you have fitted the droplights. I fitted some of these in open position, as my layout is set in high summer.


With patience and keeping a good right angle, the sides and ends is soldered together before the roof is cut to length and attached. The latter is glued on, with Devcon for instance. You can now add the end detail (i.e. buffers and train alarm gear) to the luggage end. Remember to check photos for details, if you are not sure.

Bogies and underframe

I make up the bogies next as per the instructions, and then add the brakegear. This can be a bit of a fiddle to do – but again it is worth the effort. Check that the bogies run sweetly before attaching them to the underframe.

The underframe needs soldering together with the solebars and bufferbeams.The stepboards are fitted last, just before you add the whitemetal castings. These castings are excellent quality, although I would add some plasticard backs to the battery boxes. Finally, the interior can be made up just before preparation for painting.


These coaches when finished look really superb, and benefit from taking your time with them. In terms of value for money, I think they are amongst the best available. Have a go!

Robin Sweet, February 2002