4mm wagon and van kits

The list is in GWR diagram order. This list includes scope for conversions to other diagrams. Most conversions are straightforward. Those marked (*) are less so. Listings of stock from the absorbed railways can be found in the Taff Vale, Barry, Cambrian, Rhymney and M&SWJR pages. For non-passenger coaching stock ('brown vehicles'), see here. More broad gauge vehicles can be found on the Broad Gauge Society site. Thanks to John Palk for the original compilation of this list.

Some suggestions for underframe kits and brake gear components are listed at the bottom of the page.

Type Diagram Manufacturer Material Manuf. Ref. Notes/conversion to

(NLA = no longer available, NYA = not yet available)
Pollen A4 Hazelwood Models - Body shell in White Strong Flexible (WSF) or Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD)
Pollen E A6, A9 Hazelwood Models - Body shell in White Strong Flexible (WSF) or Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD). Also available in post-1930 (diagram A9)
Crocodile C23? Pocket Money etched brass - NLA
Coral D2 Hazelwood Models - Body shell in White Strong Flexible (WSF) and Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD)
Coral D2 K's whitemetal - NLA
Morel E2 Falcon etched brass WK107 NLA
Loriot D G1 Blacksmith etched brass 431012 NLA
Loriot D G? Gem whitemetal - NLA
Serpent G9 David Geen whitemetal W/010 G21. NLA
Loriot L G13 Chuffinghell 3D print -  
Loriot L G13 D&S etched brass - NLA
Loriot M G14 Pocket Money etched brass - NLA
Hydra G19 Pocket Money etched brass - NLA
Damo A G24 Falcon etched brass WK111 NLA
Damo A G24 A F Hammond etched brass CGW10 NLA
Damo B G25 Falcon etched brass WK112 NLA
Damo B G25 A F Hammond etched brass CGW11 NLA
Asmo G26 A F Hammond etched brass CGW8 NLA
Loriot W G41 Cambrian plastic C48 1940s build, could be converted to earlier type
Mogo G43 Ratio plastic 566 -
Conflat H6 David Geen whitemetal W/011 NLA
Conflat H6 ABS whitemetal F255 NLA
Conflat H7 David Geen whitemetal W/012 NLA
Conflat H9 ABS whitemetal F279 NLA
Macaw A J7 D&S whitemetal 296 NLA
Macaw J8 Falcon etched brass WK108 NLA
Twin Mite J9 ABS whitemetal 296 NLA
Macaw H J30 Pocket Money etched brass - NLA. J25
Macaw F ? Pocket Money etched brass - NLA
Rectank /
Bolster A
J31? ABS whitemetal 293 NLA
Rectank /
Bolster A
J31? Pocket Money etched brass 293 NLA
Macaw G - Ratio plastic 562 Prototype was ex-TVR. No GWR diagram allocated. Kit body is approx 3mm too wide.
Match truck L4 Brassmasters etched brass R010 -
Shunters truck M2 Falcon etched brass WK109 NLA
Shunters truck M2 Kirk plastic - NLA
Shunters truck M2 ABS whitemetal F289 NLA
Shunters truck M4/5 Cambrian plastic C3 -
Shunters truck M1/2/3/4 S.E. Finecast whitemetal - ex-Wills
Loco coal N6 David Geen whitemetal W/015 NLA
Loco coal N11 K's whitemetal - NLA. N14 & (*)N1, N15, N17
Loco coal N13 Cooper-Craft plastic 1002W NLA. N19
Loco coal N14 Cambrian plastic C64 -
Loco coal N19 Parkside plastic - NYA
Loco coal N24 K's whitemetal - NLA. N29
Loco coal N23/24/27/
Blacksmith etched brass 401011 NLA
Loco coal N23 Ashby/Kirk plastic 8803 NLA. N28/9
Loco coal N30 Cambrian plastic C2 -
3-plank Open - David Geen whitemetal W/002 round end. NLA
3-plank Open - David Geen whitemetal W/003 square end. NLA
3-plank Open - David Geen whitemetal W/004 Broad gauge. NLA
4-plank Open - Cooper-Craft plastic 1004W NLA
4-plank Open - Sparkshot Custom Creations printed body only
7-plank Open O2 Cooper-Craft plastic 1006W NLA
7-plank Open O2 Kirk plastic - NLA. O10
5-plank Open O4 Cooper-Craft plastic 1001W,
NLA. 1005W is the later version
5-plank Open O4 Sparkshot Custom Creations printed body only
5-plank Open O4 Colin Ashby plastic - NLA. N7
4-plank Open O5 ABS whitemetal F299 NLA
Open C O8 Ratio plastic 5061 NLA. O16, O19, O28
Open C O8/16 David Geen whitemetal W/018 NLA
5-plank Open O9 ABS whitemetal F254 NLA
5-plank Open O11/15 Parkside plastic PC81 -
5-plank Open O11 ABS whitemetal F297 NLA. O15, O17, O19 & (*)O3, O9, O14, O20
5-plank Open O13 Parkside plastic PC82 Clay
5-plank Open O13 Ashby/Kirk plastic 8807 NLA. O12
5-plank Open O18 Ashby/Kirk plastic - NLA. O22/O23
4-plank Open O21 ABS whitemetal F299,
NLA. 021 covered a variety of old 4-plank wagons
4-plank Open O21 Ashby/Kirk plastic - NLA
5-plank Open O23 ABS whitemetal F297,
5-plank Open O24 ABS whitemetal F298 NLA. O26/O36
5-plank Open O26 ABS whitemetal F298,
5-plank Open O29 Ratio plastic 564 O31 & (*)O32, O33, O35
Steel-bodied Open O30 Cambrian plastic C97 -
5-plank Open O32, O33 David Geen whitemetal W/020 NLA
Ballast P4 Mousa Models etched brass BWK2190
Ballast P7 (original) Southwark Bridge Models etched brass 4085 Low-sided 12T
Ballast P7 Southwark Bridge Models etched brass 4086 High-sided 20T
Ballast P15, P18, P20 Cambrian plastic C1
Ballast P17/P23 Ashby/Kirk plastic 4/12 NLA
Ballast P22 Cambrian plastic C110 conversion to P7 [image courtesy John Tidman] and P6 possible
Ballast P23 Five79 plastic RC443  
Grampus (Ballast) - Parkside plastic - BR diagram, but very close to GWR P19, P21
Provender Q1 Cooper-Craft plastic 1011W NLA
Manure wagon R1 Blacksmith etched brass 431017 NLA
Bloater S2 Blacksmith etched brass 431016 NLA
Tadpole A Fish Truck S2 Roxey Mouldings etched brass 4C53 (with guards caboose)
(Broad gauge version also available)
Tadpole A Fish Truck S2 Roxey Mouldings etched brass 4C54 (post 1915, no guards caboose)
Tadpole Fish Truck (6-wheel) S5 Falcon etched brass WK102 NLA
Bloater S6 Kirk plastic 8828 NLA. S12
Bloater S8 Falcon etched brass WK118 NLA
Bloater S8 Parkside plastic PC44 Etched brass detailed underframe kit available from Masokits
Engineers signal wagon T3 Falcon etched brass WK117 NLA
Sleeper T12/13 Cambrian plastic C4
O/S Frame Mink - Kirk plastic ? NLA
O/S Frame Mink - David Geen whitemetal W/001 NLA
Mink F V1 Hobbytime whitemetal - NLA
Mink V4 (low) Cooper-Craft plastic 1008W
NLA. 1008W is no vent. 1022W is twin bonnet. 1028W has twin sliding louvres.
V12, V14, V16, V17, V18, Y12 & (*)Y4, Y5, S2
Mink V4 (high) Cooper-Craft plastic 1007W
NLA. 1007W is no vent. 1021W is twin bonnet. 1027W has twin sliding louvres.
Mink V5 Cooper-Craft plastic 1003W
NLA. 1003W is no vent. 1020W is twin bonnet. 1023W has twin sliding louvres.
Iron Mink V6 ABS whitemetal 295 NLA. Same as Gunpowder Van Z1
Iron Mink V6 Ratio plastic 563 Body is too high and slightly too narrow. Same as Gunpowder Van Z1
Mink C V7 Colin Ashby
plastic 8805 NLA. (*)S6, V2, V3, V8, Y6, Y9
Mink D V11 Parkside plastic PC38 (*)V9/CC8
Mink D V11 Kenline wood/
Mink D V11 Kirk plastic - NLA
Mink V12/14
Parkside plastic PC84
Mink V12/14
Kirk plastic - NLA
Mink V12 ABS whitemetal - NLA. V16/V17/V18
Mink V16 ABS whitemetal 259 NLA. V12, V14, V17, V18
Mink V18 ABS whitemetal 264 NLA. V12, V14, V16, V17
Hopper Grain (V20) Parkside plastic PC13 The Parkside kit is for an LNER diagram, but with new door frames can be made to look like a GWR V20
Mink G V22 Parkside plastic PC48 -
Mink V23 Ratio plastic 565 V24, V26, V34 & (*)Y7
Mink V33 ABS whitemetal 257 NLA. V21
Mink V35 Ratio plastic 591 SR design vehicles built at Ashford
Iron Cattle - Shirescenes etched brass S109 Uses Ratio V6 body
Mex W1/5 Cooper-Craft plastic 1010W NLA. (*) W3, W10, W13
wrong roof profile
Mex W2 ABS whitemetal F292 NLA. ex-D&S
Mex W3 Perseverance etched brass W4003 ex-Terry McDermot kit
Beetle W7 Parkside plastic PC64,
PC67 for 1909 style, PC64 for 1927 style
Mex W8 David Geen whitemetal W/022 NLA
Mex W8 Falcon etched brass WK126 NLA
Mex W10 David Geen whitemetal W/023 NLA
Mex W10 Falcon etched brass WK103 NLA
Mex W12 Dapol plastic - ex-Airfix kit. (*)W8, W8, W10, W11, W12, Y10, V30
Mica X1 Falcon etched brass WK105 NLA
Mica X2 David Geen whitemetal W/024 NLA
Mica X2 Perseverance etched brass W4001 ex-Terry McDermot kit
Mica X2 (also X8/9/10?) Falcon etched brass WK125 NLA
Mica X4 David Geen whitemetal W/025 NLA
Mica X5 David Geen whitemetal W/026 V31 Tevan, X8. NLA
Mica X7 Parkside plastic PC85 V31 Tevan, X8
Fruit Y1 Falcon etched brass WK104 NLA
Fruit Y2 David Geen whitemetal W/028 NLA
Fruit Y2 Puffers etched brass - ex-Terry McDermot kit
Fruit Y3 David Geen whitemetal W/029 NLA
Banana Van Y4 K's whitemetal - NLA
Banana Van Y5 ABS whitemetal F290 NLA
Banana Van Y7 ABS whitemetal F266 NLA
Fruit D Y11 Parkside plastic PC74 (*)CC8
Banana Van Y12 ABS whitemetal F256 NLA
Gunpowder van
Z1 ABS whitemetal F275 NLA. (Same as V6)
Gunpowder van
Z2 Parkside plastic PC86
Toad AA1,
Southwark Bridge Models etched brass 4080,
4080 planked verandah. 4081 metal verandah.
Toad (6-wheel) AA1 Falcon etched brass WK100 NLA
Toad AA1 ABS whitemetal F267 NLA. 6-wheel
Toad AA2 Falcon etched brass WK101 NLA
Toad AA2 ABS whitemetal F287 NLA
Toad AA3 K's whitemetal - NLA
Toad AA3 Connoisseur etched brass - NLA
Toad AA3 ABS whitemetal F288 NLA
Toad AA3 Frogmore etched brass 3941,
3941 is wooden verandah. 3942 is steel verandah. 3943 is road van variant.
Toad ('Pontnewynydd') AA4 Falcon etched brass WK110 NLA
Toad AA6 Chuffinghell 3D print -  
Toad AA6 Frogmore etched brass 3945 -
Permanent Way Van AA6 Falcon etched brass WK115 NLA
Toad AA6 Connoisseur etched brass - Permanent Way. NLA
Toad AA7 Connoisseur etched brass NLA
Ballast Plough Brake AA10 Falcon etched brass WK114 NLA
Toad AA13 Frogmore etched brass available in steel-plated and wooden versions
Toad AA16 ABS whitemetal (DS502) NLA. ex-D&S
Toad (AA19) Ratio plastic 569 Ratio kit is something of a hybrid. AA20, AA21, AA22, AA23, AA25 & (*)AA15
Toad AA19 Connoisseur etched brass - NLA. AA15, AA20, AA21, AA22, AA23
Toad AA24 Falcon etched brass 110 NLA
Toolvan CC3 Falcon etched brass WK119 NLA
Toolvan CC6 ABS whitemetal F265 NLA
Toolvan CC7 Falcon etched brass WK120 NLA
Mess & Tool Van (pair) - CSP/Haye etched brass CSC11
62'6" Breakdown Toolvan - Blacksmith etched brass 401009 (no diagram allocated). NLA
Water tank wagon DD1 Falcon etched brass WK113 NLA
Gas tank wagon (Cordon) DD4 CSP/Haye etched brass CSC15 (9 tank version)
Gas tank wagon DD4 Falcon etched brass WK127 NLA. (was kit WK106)
Gas tank wagon DD4 Wild Boar Models polyamide - one-piece 3D print – NLA
Gas tank wagon DD5 David Geen whitemetal W/040 NLA
Gas tank wagon DD5 Falcon etched brass WK128 NLA. (was kit WK121)
6T crane and match truck - Cambrian plastic C5 -
1½ton travelling crane and match truck - ABS whitemetal 294 NLA


Underframe kits

The following generic steel solebar underframe kits are useful, although they are not all quite right for many GWR wagons in respect of brake gear and buffers:

  • 9' u/f kit, Cooper-Craft, kit no 1012 (GWR axleboxes, DCIII brake) (NLA)
  • 9' u/f kit, Cambrian Models, kit no C35, with a choice of 16'6" or 17'6" solebars, (lever brake, RCH axleboes)
  • 10' u/f kit, Ratio, kit no. 650 (Morton brake, RCH axleboxes)
  • 10' u/f kit, Cambrian Models, kit no C91 (Morton brake, RCH axleboxes)
  • 11' u/f kit, Cooper-Craft, kit no 1013 (GWR axleboxes, DCIII brake) (NLA)


Brake gear

It's not possible to list every supplier of brake gear, but the following are useful starting points:

  • Masokits
  • Bill Bedford Models
  • Mainly Trains etches (from Wizard models)
  • Brian Morgan etches (from Scalefour Stores)
  • ABS and Kenline castings are no longer available, but can be seen from time to time on ebay etc.