7mm wagon and van kits

The list is in diagram order. Some diagram types do not have kits listed if none are known. Listings of stock from the absorbed railways can be found in the Taff Vale, Barry, Cambrian, Rhymney and M&SWJR pages. Coaches and non-passenger carrying coaching stock are listed here. Thanks to Mike Johnson for compiling the initial version of this list. Please note the Cooper-Craft kits are now marketed by Slaters Plasticard, and Bill Parker's range of WEP kits is now available from Walsall Model Industries.

Diagram Description Manufacturer Notes
(NLA = no longer available)
A Girder wagons – Pollen    
B Armour plate and roll wagons – Totem    
B2 Totem A S M Models NLA
B2 45T Roll wagon 'Totem A' 1899 Scorpio Models  
C Boiler trucks and trolleys – Crocodile, Rectank    
C21 38T 34' Rectank Trolley Wagon (ex WD) 1921 Connoisseur Models NLA
C23 65T 42'6" Crocodile 1926 Connoisseur Models NLA
D Glass wagons – Coral    
D2 Coral 247 Developments body only
D2 Coral WEP Models
E Wheel and propeller wagons – Morel, Aero    
E4 Aero 247 Developments 3D print, body only
E4 Aero Haywood Railway  
F Steam roller trucks    
F ? Steam Roller Wagon S M Models NLA
F2 Steam roller wagon 1897 Scorpio Models  
G Flat, well and covered wagons for road vehicles etc – Loriot, Hydra, Cartruck, Carfit, Damo, Asmo, Mogo, Bocar, Flatrol, Lowmac    
G19 Hydra 247 Developments 3D print
G13 15T 33'6" Well Wagon Loriot L 1926 Warren Shephard NLA
G14 Loriot M Well Wagon Connoisseur Models  
G19 Hydra Fitted Carriage Truck Connoisseur Models  
G26 ASMO Scorpio
G24/G25 DAMO S M Models NLA
G26/32 ASMO S M Models NLA
G31 12T 17'6" MOGO Car Van 1933 ABS NLA
G31 12T Motor Car Van MOGO 1933 Parkside Dundas  
G43 17'6" Plywood MOGO Car Van 1946 ABS NLA
G43 12T Motor Car Van MOGO 1946 Parkside Dundas  
H Flat wagons for containers etc – Conflat, Beaver, Gadfly    
H7 12T 17'6" Container Wagon 1933 ABS NLA
H7 Container Wagon 1933 Parkside Dundas  
H9 12T 17'6" Conflat Wagon 1943 ABS NLA
J Rail and timber trucks – Gane, Bobol, Beaver, Macaw, Double, Twin, Mite    
- 4-wheel Macaw F (ex TVR) Connoisseur Models (no GWR diagram allocated)
- Macaw G (ex TVR) Taff Vale and Dragon Models (no GWR diagram allocated)
J1 40T rail wagon, Gane, 1899 Scorpio Models  
J7 14T 25'6" Double bolster Macaw A 1902 WEP Models  
J8 10T 15' Single Bolster 1871 Invertrain Model Railways NLA
J8 10T 15' Single Bolster 1871 Haywood Railway  
J9 20T 45' Twin Bolster pair 1874 ABS NLA
J28 30T 45' Macaw B Bogie Bolster 1939 Connoisseur Models  
J28 30T 45' Macaw B Bogie Bolster 1939 Haywood Railway  
J30 35' Macaw H Bogie Bolster 1940 Connoisseur Models  
K Crane testing wagons    
L Match wagons    
L21 10T 15' Match/Container Truck 1934 ABS NLA
L22 Match Truck, 1935 Cooper-Craft  
L22 10T 16' 1-Plank Match 1935 ABS NLA
M Shunting trucks    
M1 14' Shunters Truck 1895 ABS NLA
M2 14' Shunters Truck 1905 ABS NLA
M4/M5 14' Shunters Truck 1920 WEP Models  
N Coal and mineral wagons – Locowag, Hoploco    
N ? 40T Bogie Coal Wagon S M Models NLA
N ? 12T Coal Wagon S M Models MLA
N ? 10T Coal Wagon S M Models NLA
N1/N11/N14/N15 40T Loco coal wagon 1904 Scorpio Models  
N13 10T 16' Iron Loco Coal Wagon 1905 Cooper-Craft  
N19 12T 16' Loco Coal 1912 ABS NLA
N20 10T 16' Loco Coal 1915 ABS NLA
N21 12T 16' Loco Coal 1918 ABS NLA
N21 12T 16' Loco Coal 1918 Scorpio Models  
N23 20T 21'6" 'Felix Pole' Coal Wagon 1924 Parkside Dundas  
N23/N28 20T Loco coal wagon 1923 Scorpio Models  
20T Loco coal wagon Blacksmith NLA
N27 20T Coal Wagon 1925 S M Models NLA
N27 20T Loco Coal Wagon 1925 Scorpio Models  
N28 21T 21'6" Loco Coal Wagon 1934 Parkside Dundas  
N28 20T Coal Wagon 1934 S M Models NLA
N30 10T 16'6" Coal Wagon 1935 Warren Shephard  
N32 20T 21'6" Coal Wagon 1933 Warren Shephard  
O Open goods wagons – Hybar, High, Tube, Clay, Shock    
- Re-built 3-plank Open wagon Cooper-Craft (no diagram allocated)
- Single-plank Open wagon 1870 onward WEP Models (no diagram allocated)
- 2-plank Open wagon 1872 onward WEP Models (no diagram allocated)
- 3-plank Open wagon 1879 onward WEP Models (no diagram allocated)
- 10T 2-plank open wagon JLTRT ex-Cambrian. NLA
- China Clay open Furness Railway Wagon Co
(ref FRWC 56)
(no diagram allocated)
O2 10T Open 7-plank Wagon 1905 Cooper-Craft  
O2 10T 16' 7-plank Open 1905 ABS NLA
O3 10T 16' 5-plank Open 1904 ABS NLA
O3 10T 5-plank open wagon 1904 WEP Models  
O4 10T Open 'A' 5-plank Wagon 1901 Cooper-Craft  
O4 10T 16' 5-plank Open 1901 ABS NLA
O5 Open 4-plank Wagon 1902 Cooper-Craft  
O5 Refurbished 4-plank Open 1902 ABS NLA
pre O5 10T 16' 4-plank Open ABS NLA
O8/O16/O19 15T Open C 1907 WEP Models  
O8/O16/O19/O28 14T Open C wagon 1907 Scorpio Models  
O9/O14 10T 16' 5-plank Open 1906 ABS NLA
O11 10T 16' 5-plank Open 1911 ABS NLA
O13 12T China Clay wagon 1913 WEP Models  
O15 10T 16' 5-plank Open 1909 ABS NLA
O21 4-plank open wagon 1888 WEP Models  
O21 10T 4-plank open wagon 1927 Invertrain Model Railways NLA
O21 10T 4-plank open wagon 1927 Haywood Railway  
O21 10T 4-plank open wagon Peco  
O23 12T 16' 5-plank Open 1926 ABS NLA
O24 13T Open Goods Wagon 1924 Parkside Dundas  
O32 12T 17' 6" 5-plank Open 1933 ABS NLA
O32 12T 5-plank Open 1933 Haywood Railway  
O32/O33 12T Open Goods Wagon 1932 Parkside Dundas  
P Ballast wagons    
P4 8T permanent way steel type open wagon Peco  
P14 16' ballast/spoil wagon 1911 WEP Models  
P14 10T 16' ballast/spoil wagon 1911 Scorpio Models  
P15/P18 10T 16'6" Ballast Wagon 1936 Warren Shephard  
P19 14T 20' Ballast Wagon 1941 Warren Shephard  
Q Provender wagons    
Q1 Provender wagon 1903 WEP Models
R Manure wagons    
R1 16T 28'6" Manure wagon 1905 Blacksmith NLA
S Fish wagons – Fish, Bloater (see Non-passenger-carrying coaching stock ('brown' vehicles))    
T Permanent way wagons    
T10 14T 25'6" Signal Post wagon 1919 WEP Models  
U Stone wagons    
V Covered goods wagons – Travan, Van, Vanfit, Grano, Parto, Shocvan, Ale, Tevan, Mink    
- RR/GWR 10T Covered Goods Van Fourtrack models (no diagram allocated) NLA
- TVR/GWR 10T Covered Goods Van 1890 Fourtrack models (no diagram allocated) NLA
- Wooden Mink (1888) Furness Railway Wagon Co
(ref FRWC 31)
(no diagram allocated)
V1 Bogie Iron Mink 1902 Haywood Railway  
V1 Bogie Iron Mink 'F' 1902 Scorpio Models  
V4 Mink 1906 WEP Models
V5 Mink 1902 WEP Models  
V6 10T Iron Mink Furness Railway Wagon Co
(ref FRWC 92)
V6 10T Iron Mink Box Van 1886 ABS NLA
V6 Iron Mink 1888 WEP Models  
V6 Refurbished Iron Mink (new doors) ABS NLA. (vertically-planked wooden doors)
V7 Mink C 1906 WEP Models  
V8 Fruit B Banana van 1925 WEP Models see diagram Y5
V11 Mink D Ventilated Goods Van 1909 WEP Models  
V12 Mink 1907 WEP Models
V13 Fish van 1909 WEP Models see diagram S2
V18 12T Van 1923 Mink 'A' 1923 Haywood Railway  
V18 10T Ventilated box van 1923 Peco  
V20 Convertible Grain 1927 WEP Models  
V21/V33 12T 17'6" Box Van 1927 ABS NLA
V22 Mink G Ventilated Goods Van 1930 WEP Models  
V22 Mink G Ventilated Goods Van 1930 JLTRT NLA
V23/V24/V26/V34 17'6" Mink A Van 1933 ABS NLA
V23/V24 12T Covered Goods Wagon 1933 Parkside Dundas  
V23/V24 Mink A 1933 WEP Models  
V31 Meat van Furness Railway Wagon Co
(ref FRWC 85)
V31 Tevan 1933 WEP Models  
V32 Tevan 1938 Invertrain Model Railways NLA
V32 Tevan Goods Van 1938 Parkside Dundas  
V32 6T Tevan 1938 Haywood Railway (ex dia X9)
V33 12T Covered Goods Wagon 1929 Parkside Dundas  
V36 12T 17'6" Ply Box Van 1944 ABS NLA
V36/V37 12T Covered Goods Wagon, Plywood body 1944 Parkside Dundas  
W Cattle wagons – Ox, Oxfit, Beetle (see also Non-passenger-carrying coaching stock ('brown' vehicles))    
- Iron Cattle Wagon 1888 WEP Models (no diagram allocated)
W1/W5 18'6" Cattle Truck 1888 Slaters Plastikard  
W1 8T Cattle wagon 1888 Haywood  
W3 Small Cattle Wagon 1888 Powsides  
W8 Cattle wagon 1913 WEP Models  
W12 10T Cattle Wagon 1929 Warren Shephard  
X Meat vans – Meat, Ins, Mica    
X2 6/8T Mica B 1897 WEP Models  
X4 6/8T Mica B 1906 WEP Models  
X7/X8/X10 Mica Insulated meat van 1921 Scorpio Models  
X9 6/8ton Mica Insulated Van 1929 Parkside Dundas  
X? Mica Insulated Van Gladiator resin body
Y Fruit vans – Fruit, Pasfruit, Banana    
Y2 Fruit Van 1889 Furness Railway Wagon Co
(ref FRWC 86)
Y2 Fruit Van 1889 WEP Models  
Y3 Fruit C 1911 WEP Models  
Y5 Fruit B Banana van 1925 WEP Models
Y7 10T 17'6" Banana Van ABS NLA
Y8 12T 17'6" Fruit A Van ABS NLA
Y8 12T Fruit Van 1937 Parkside Dundas  
Y8 Fruit A 1937 WEP Models  
Y8 Fruit Van 1937 Fruit 'A' Haywood Railway  
Y11 Fruit D 1939 JLTRT (also BR diagram Y14). NLA
Y11 Fruit D 1939 WEP Models (also BR diagram Y14)
Z Gunpowder vans – Cone    
Z1 10T 16' Gunpowder Van 1897 ABS NLA
Z1 10T Gunpowder van 1897 Furness Railway Wagon Co
(ref FRWC 84)
Z1 10T Gunpowder van 1897 WEP Models  
Z2/Z3 20T Gunpowder van 1913 Scorpio Models  
Z3 10T Gunpowder van 1924 Haywood Railway  
AA Brake vans – Toad, Toadfit    
AA1, AA3 Brake Van Southwark Bridge Models kit 7080 for planked verandah, kit 7081 for metal verandah
AA1 24T 6-Wheel Brake Van Peco  
AA3 16T Brake Van, 1888 Connoisseur Models  
AA3 16T Brake Van Peco  
AA6 Permanent Way Brake Van Peco  
AA6 Permanent Way Brake Van, 1890 Connoisseur Models  
AA7 13T Brake Van, short wheelbase, 1897 Connoisseur Models  
AA16 10T Brake Van 1886, outside-frame WEP Models  
AA16 Outside framed Toad, 1919 Scorpio Models  
AA19 20T Brake Van, 1927 Connoisseur Models  
AA19 20T Brake Van, 1927 Parkside Dundas  
BB Stores vans    
CC Workshop and tool vans    
CC1/CC2 Iron Tool Van 1893 WEP Models  
CC7 Iron Tool Van 1913 WEP Models  
CC8 Tool and packing van 1913 WEP Models  
- 62'6" Breakdown Toolvan Blacksmith (no diagram allocated). NLA
DD Tank wagons    
DD1 Water Tank Wagon 1893 Taff Vale and Dragon Models  
DD1 Water Tank Wagon 1893 Powsides  
DD4 Gas Container wagon (Cordon) 1932 WEP Models  
DD4 Gas container wagon (Cordon) 247 Developments 3D print, body only
DD5 Twin gas tank (Cordon) 1883 WEP Models  
DD7 (DD6?) 6-wheel 2000g Water Tank Wagon Powsides  
EE Demountable tank wagons    
FF Trestle plate wagons    
- Cranes    
- 2T crane and match truck Gladiator resin-bodied