by Maurice Pearce

Here we have Maurice Pearce's fascinating representation of Kingswear in N Gauge, most of which is scratch-built. The layout illustrates clearly that the small scale of "N" is no hindrance to realism and detail. Maurice is a member of the Abingdon & District Model Railway Club. If anyone wants further info, you can contact Maurice by e-mail.


The Dapol 45xx for N Gauge, on Kingswear

A friend's (Julia Adams) 52xx visiting Kingswear

A lineside shot of the railcar

Dapol autocoach, now detailed and modified

517 Class 0-4-2T, converted from the Dapol 14xx. Much of the work lies in modifying the cab from enclosed to open condition. Livery, Belpaire firebox and bunker indicate that this is the latter-day condition of the class


This view shows the GWR steam ferry arriving at the railway pontoon from Dartmouth. In the background is the goods shed, station and part of the village. Everything in this view is scratch built (except the Preiser figures and 2 modified kit wagons).

View from the water looking up at the Royal Dart Hotel and the lower car ferry slipway.

Looking out across the top of the station roof, down the road towards the sharp right-hand corner to the lower ferry slipway.

A Fruit C under the loading gauge. The van is a modified N Gauge Society kit.

Castle class loco (Farish) crossing the creak bridge and coasting towards the terminus. Code 40 track, handbuilt throughout the layout. The tide is represented as rising and flowing through the bridge abutments into Waterhead Creek.

A quiet moment inside the terminus.

The goods shed and the terminus 'stop blocks'. All buildings are made using an old BBC computer (it wasn't old when the layout started!).

Scratchbuilt tug heading towards the dock

Close-up view of the of the tug

Part finished scratch-built GWR Bulldog 4-4-0 on the turntable (also scratchbuilt). The area beyond is unfinished with part completed cattle pens. The shunters truck is scratch-built and the cattle wagons are converted Peco.

This is a shot of the advanced starter gantry, all working. Made from brass sections and etched ladder. Beyond is an area of the layout hardly started at the time.

Close-up of the working screen indicator. All signals on "Kingswear" are fully working.

Here is the familiar Kingswear footbridge which is still there today, joining the town to the foreshore. The model is scratchbuilt from brass.

This is a view of the scratchbuilt collier used to transport North Eastern coal to Kingswear for forwarding to Torbay Gas Works.

One of the electric cranes unloading the collier. Note the mixed gauge crane 'road'. The cranes are built from brass section.

A current project for Kingswear. This Prairie is a 4mm etch reduced to 2mm. The fittings (except buffers and handrail knobs) are scratch built.

The advanced starter (centre) with the signals for access to the carriage storage sidings.

A view of the main platform starter

Converted Peco cattle wagon in a fairly distressed state. The conversion included changing the top doors to a GWR style and adding wire bars (including torsion bars between axleboxes), plus a quick repaint. Otherwise virtually out of the box Peco.

A picture of 6000 King George V (modified Foxhunter kit) on the turntable. No. 6000 was an occasional visitor as train engine for the Torbay Express.

This is a scratch-built Siphon G , made from plasticard, Ultima bogie frames and 2mm Association leaf springs.

The Newton Abbot breakdown crane (non working). The prototype was occasionally used for heavy lifting on the Kingswear dockside. It is partly scratch built using some Peco and some Dimi Trains (US) parts.

Scratch-built bogie bolster wagon with a heavy RSJ load. Just the job for the crane to offload from a ship at the dockside!

A model of the 70' Newton Abbot tool and mess van that went everywhere with the crane. This is scratch built using sides created and printed from the old BBC computer.

Outer end of a detailed and modified Dapol B set coach, parked in the platform at Kingswear. You can see how it was detailed here.

Weathered and detailed Siphon G from the Dapol N Gauge range. You can read how it was detailed here.

Working ground disc in 2mm scale [Amazing! Ed.]

My Langley kit-built 14xx, looking battered and bent.

Front end view of the Dapol 14xx. Only the huge N scale coupling really gives the scale away.

Classic Great Western ensemble: 14xx and autocoach, both from the Dapol N Gauge range.

Dapol autocoach, here seen straight out of the box. Windows could be improved with mahogany frames, but otherwise an excellent model. Well done Dapol.

This is a Farish GWR railcar converted to parcels railcar No.34. I don't think it ever got to Kingswear in reality though!

The 517 again.

A final view of the converted loco, seen here before the livery was applied.

Peco 2251 Class, from a lofty perspective

The Peco 2251 again, crossing the bridge

GWR/AEC railcar passing the lamp huts

A closer look at the railcar

The 52xx again, built from a Worsley Works kit