OO in the garden

by Chris Lewis

My railway is very simple, a length of gently curving single track down the side of my garden. The emphasis is on robustness rather than detail.

There is a 'tuning fork' arrangement at each end, hidden by overbridges. A small halt lies adjacent to one, a fixed distant signal adjacent to the other, suggesting that there is a station not too far off.

It's a really minimalist model railway, but just right for me because there are a lot of other things in life.



All the engines are scratchbuilt, with the emphasis is on their being robust. They are very traditionally made, using thick (one sixteenth of an inch) brass frames, axle bushes etc. The rest of them is 20 thou brass, Romford wheels and gears. This is a nearly complete 28xx, built for a friend and his son.


An early 4500, with signs of the bunker having been extended. The loco has a Mashima 1628 can motor and 30:1 gears.


2021 pannier tank, again scratchbuilt in brass. It has a DS10 motor with 40:1 gears.


3600 Class 2-4-2, scratchbuilt in brass with a flat-sided Mashima can motor. This loco was a bit of whim, made because it's unusual. It's in complete contrast to the rest of my trains.


The rolling stock is fairly standard stuff, mostly second-hand. The coach seen here is a Brake Composite converted from a Hornby composite. It represents one of the very early sort of this general design built in 1922–23, running on 9' wheelbase 'fishbelly' bogies and having flat ends.


The 2021 pannier, passing under the overbridge. The signal and the telegraph poles are simply made, mostly from brass scrarps of sheet, rod, tube and wire.