Originally built by Dave Fearn

Photos by Jon Cumming


Watlington (Buckinghamshire) has been modelled as a prototypical branch line terminus in OO gauge. The layout was originally built by Dave Fearn, but is now owned by Geoff Bell. You can read more about the branch and see Graeme's photos of Watlington taken in 2004 in the GWR Features section.

All buildings on the layout are scratchbuilt, including the Station Building, Carriage Shed, Goods Shed, Water Tower, Coaling Stage and Plate Layers Hut.

The layout is built on four equally sized boards, of which three are scenic, and one is a 4-road fiddle yard. It has detachable screw-in legs (fully supporting & free standing). When erected, the layout stands 3' high and is 15' long and 2' wide. For ease of transportation it packs neatly into a dexion frame on casters measuring approx 4' (wide) x 2' (deep) x 3' (height).

Electrically, the layout features a built-in Control Panel with Probe operated points, as well as a 'wander lead' controller, enabling front operation when desired.

The station building, the design of which was characteristic for the line

Looking towards Aston Rowant

The station building again

The station master, lost in thought?

Overall view, with carriage shed in foreground

Loco servicing area

The Goods Shed

View through the Goods Shed

Looking out from the tunnel

You can read more about the Watlington branch and see some photos of Watlington taken in 2004 in the features section.