GWR coach livery 1908–1912

Awaiting numbers, lining and glazing, Mikkel Kjartan's C10 clerestory, built from a Slaters kit.
Details of the build can be found in Mikkel's blog on RMweb.

In 1908, the fully lined chocolate and cream was changed to an all-brown livery, which lasted until 1912. It is thought the livery started to be applied between July and September of 1908, although some coaches were still receiving the previous livery up to the end of that year. Ends were now in black. Roofs were white. Droplights and bolections were finished in Indian Red. Lining was applied in 7/16" yellow, or gold, the latter thought to have been re-introduced in 1910.

Numbers were carried on the waist panels at both ends. 'G W R' lettering was also carried on the waist panel near both ends, with the city crests underneath the G W R lettering. A single garter crest was applied in the middle of the coach in the lower panel.

Underframes were black. It is not known whether there was an official colour for wheel centres in this era.