GWR Garter Crest

GWR Garter Crest

Painting by Pete Speller, of the GWS

This superb painting by Pete Speller shows the magnificent GWR 'Garter Crest'. The crest was introduced on the GWR around 1878, and lasted in varying forms until 1927, when it was replaced with the simpler coat of arms.

The crest was used at first on the sides of driving wheel splashers of narrow gauge tender engines. From 1904 it was moved to the tender sides, between the words 'Great Western', where it lasted until 1928. The crest was rarely seen on tank engines.

First class coaches carried the crest from around 1880, accompanied from 1904 by the crests of London and Bristol on either side. From around 1908, this pattern was expanded to all classes, lasting until 1927.


GWR crest

Garter crest on a coach side