GWR loco green 1906–1947


GWR Pre-1928 Loco Green
GWR Post-1928 Loco Green
Based on J.N.Slinn 'Great Western Way', HMRS 1978

Middle Chrome Green was adopted as the standard basic loco body colour around the turn of the century (some sources say 1894, others 1906).

It replaced various earlier shades of green, including the holly green applied at Swindon works, as well as the dark, bluish shade applied at Wolverhampton until at least 1894.

At some time during 1928, the Middle Chrome Green changed to a lighter, slightly more olive shade. This colour lasted until nationalisation.

The difference between the two shades is in fact quite apparant when two models in the respective colours are seen next to each other. The earlier shade appears much richer, and enhances the lining considerably.

Commercial paints that are favoured by many modelmakers are: Precision GWR Green, and, for the post-1928 shade, BS.224 Deep Bronze Green and Halfords Rover Brooklands Green.