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Courtesy Graeme Tyrer

All photos © Graeme Tyrer

This page features Graeme Tyrer's photos of Watlington station as it looked in the summer of 2004. Apart from their general historic interest, these very evocative photos tell their own little story of poetic decline. And what a diorama it would make, too! Now there's a challenge for those who like landscape modelling...


Watlington Station entrance, summer of 2004


The Booking Hall emerges from the undergrowth



The Booking Hall seen from the trackside. The 4mm equivalent [right] shows the station in its glory days, as portrayed on Graeme's layout. The layout was originally built by Geoff Bell and can be seen in more detail in the GWR Layouts section.


The platform


The carriage shed (or is it Angkor Wat emerging there?)

Inside the carriage shed

View of the roof and support structure


The Goods Shed as it looked in 2004


The 4mm version of the Goods Shed from Graeme's layout indicating the way it all was.


The Goods Shed again, from the other end


Inside the goods shed

The end door of the Goods Shed


The station house

The track bed to Aston Rowant