David Geen 4mm MICA refrigerated vans

by Graeme Pettit


Preserved MICA at Didcot. Photo Copyright Graeme Pettit

The main kit components

MICA X4 during construction

A MICA built from the David Geen kit by Trevor Pott, seen here in operation on Trevor's Churston layout

The refigerated Meat Vans to Diagrams X4 and X5 (coded 'MICA' by the GWR) were built from 1906 onward, and lasted into the 1960s, with some entering preservation. A few saw regular service on the Eastern Region of BR.

The main differences between the two diagrams are DC brake gear on the X5, and minor alterations to the body corners to allow the brakegear to function. As the bodies were similar on the two types, it should not prove too difficult to adapt the X5 kit to X4, but there is little point as the X4 is separately available.

The kit

The kit as supplied is composed of well cast and detailed whitemetal parts, supported with a brass fret of various items. Wire for making up the handrails etc is also included.

You will need to add wheels, bearings, couplings, paint and transfers to complete the model.

Instructions for the both the X4 and X5 MICA Refrigerated meat vans are printed onto both sides of an A4 sheet. They contain a wealth of historical information, and side elevation drawings, showing livery variations on the vehicles.

The construction sequence is clear from the instructions, and logical, so should proceed without too many problems, particularly if clear photographs can be found of the type.

You can see another photo of this model in the Gallery section. An extensive review of the kit appeared in MRJ 117.